Deck building is a lot of fun, not only do you work outside but you build something that will stand fora long time, your work or art... Here I will show some of the many decks I have built.
The upper picture shows a Cantilever style, built 2"  from the ground and made to support extra weight.
A simple, but very strong, deck.

This next deck was a lot of fun to makeover. We added a lower deck and enhanced the upper deck.

A very large  cantilever style bottom deck.

   The layout of the stairway is 12' wide
 exiting into the back yard.

On the upper deck level, we added 
a cubbyhole for the BBQ 

By Home Owner's choice the bottom deck steps have no hand rails.

On this next deck, we really got high.

Glory to God my help had large feet, we went from 9 to 12' at the lowest point and the yard just kept dropping...

Temp support...

It became a beautiful deck with a majestic scenery.

 Here are the support beams we used 4 X 6" treated 
post bolted to concrete footings.

Well that is enough on decks for today, 
will get back to it and show other beautiful 
decks we have built.
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