The following job was a good sample of what we can do to a bathroom.  This was a Master bathroom that could not receive a full makeover because of its location inside the house. We confronted several challenges and it was fun to perform the job.

The walls of this bathroom were half tile half drywall. The old tile was removed completely as well as the blue toilet and blue sink. We also removed the blue bathtub... but,

 Removed old tile and drywall

Ready for the Travertine

The bathtub... famous blue tub
We removed the tile drywall, and
the blue tub

We could not find a bathtub replacement nor could
 we expand the area, solution: reinstall the 
tub and change its color.
Concrete board was set up in all three walls.

Installing Travertine up to ceiling

Medicine cabinet and lights installed

Travertine finished and crown mold installed

Preparing blue tub for its makeover

 Makeover done, just pull the tapes and we had a beautiful 
new bathroom, read for some painting

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as we enjoyed doing the work.
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