Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Working with John


                                    HELLO EVERYBODY

It has been long time since I show up and say Hey to everybody.  Lots of good things have happen and I will blog about them as I go. Now I will have more time to invest in my blog, answer your questions and emails and spend a little more time.  Its a lot of fun to blog and make new friends,  If you are new to my blog you can contact me HERE

The last job I did was  towards the end of last year. I had the pleasure of being part of the team  who performed the new addition to the kitchen of  Mrs. Edwina Johnson the wife of  Mr. Tom Johnson former President of CNN.  It was a   a great pleasure to meet this wonderful couple and  enjoy several conversations while having lunch together.
The job was a great opportunity, lots of new products to learn about, more experience to acquire, and lots of fun. 
I was invited to participate in this new addition to Mr. Johnson's Residence by my good friend John. 
John is a Master Carpenter with full knowledge of all phases of building a house from the ground up.There he is in the red T-shirt.

 The guy in the blue T-shirt is Fernando, great guy to work with. He is a very skilled  stucco man who did a wonderful job.

Here I am doing some drywall finishing after we installed the new canister lights.
This job was a lot of fun as I said before. The ugly part was the drive home everyday and having to deal with so much traffic around Atlanta.

My special thanks to John for inviting me as part of this team. I surely enjoyed the opportunity to meet the Johnson's and to be able to serve them. May God continue Blessing each of You.

For comments or any other questions or if you would like to contact John, please email me HERE

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