Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello Everybody

I want to thank you for the great emails, and wonderful wishes for my new year. I do appreciate all of them.

This weather in GA has not allowed me to work much this week but it has brought up some old age back pains.. Oh well, every year about this time all pains pop up. I call it resting time. Tomorrow will be a better day, everything must pass.

If you are a new visitor, feel free to  look through the pages on the right side, you will find pictures of my Father the main Carpenter, pictures of the work I have done, things I like  and something to smile about. Come back often I love blogging and will be adding more pages.

May God Bless You, please email me your questions, comments and or...  HERE  I would love to hear from you. Remember that I serve the Gwinnett, Walton and Barrow Counties in Georgia, so feel free to contact me. I am here to serve and am available to hear about your needed repairs, remodeling, additions and or makeovers as well as  ready to give you a quote with my best prices to perform the job.

Have a Bless Day, don't forget to Pray for our Country, we need God's Blessings.

but if you must... Drive carefully

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