Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are Wades Handyman

I was very young when my Dad started teaching me about the use of a hammer and nails. I was so interested that I made a life career out of it.
Today I find myself very knowledgeable of most phases of house building, therefore, I provide the following services to the Counties around me under Wades Handyman.
This recession brought us down financially, forced us to get rid of our vehicles and some of the equipment but they could not take my Faith, health, knowledge and experience away. I am still here and able to serve others.

Pulling a mobile shop we were able to bring all the equipment needed to perform the job successfully.

Outside of the House:

    1. Siding installation and repairs
    2. Eave work
    3. Windows: installation, and window repairs.
    4. Doors, installation and repairs.
    5. Wood trim installation and or repairs.
    6. Deck and patio building or repairs.

Inside the house:

1. Remodel, repairs or  makeovers:

     a. Appliance installation, and removal
     b. Cabinet installation, refacing repairing, and or
         building a new cabinets.
     c. Relocate walls, add or remove full or partial walls.
     d. Sink installation, repairs, replace.
     e. Flooring: laminated, ceramic, wood... I can do most
         floors except for carpet installation.
     f. Back splash installing, removing.
     g. Basic electrical, wiring, move outlets, place new ones,    
         lighting, fans installation, etc.

2.  Bathroom building, repairs or total Makeover:

    - Add, remove, repair or build a new shower.
       new valves, faucets, all plumbing and drainage problems, etc.
    - Installation or removal of toilets, sinks, vanities, tubs, ...
    - Floor installation: ceramic, Travertine, stone... etc.
    - Cabinet building, repair or refacing.

3. Door installation and repairs of rotten wood or holes.

4. Drywall work, installation, repairs, finishing, walls, ceilings..
    a. Stipple installation and or repairs.

5. Trim: 
    - installation and or repair of crown mold, baseboards,
      window trim, bead board....

6. Suspended ceilings: new installation and removal.

7. Complete basement finishing.

8. Painting.

As I go on with this blog I will get into one by one and will show pictures of the jobs performed.

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